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Your website is central to your marketing efforts. To assure that we deliver a website that is visually engaging, easy to manage, simple to navigate and optimized for search and inbound marketing, we use a carefully crafted process. This way, every detail is considered and your website gets completed on time – and on budget. The website design and development process consists of these three areas: Planning & SEO Strategy, Content Development & Design
PLANNING - During the planning phase of a new site, we’ll work with you to lay a strategic foundation for your site and develop your site strategy. Your website should create a seamless, engaging experience for all of your constituents – and work hard to achieve your business goals. We’ll work closely with you to craft your site map, perform keyword research for your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and design your site's key pages using offline wireframes (that show the different page designs for your site).
CONTENT DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN - Your brand – and SEO strategies – and are considered as we develop content for your site. You want your site's pages to rank highly on Google and other search engines so prospects can find you. When visitors arrive at your site, your content should quickly communicate the information they seek – along with educating them about your products or services.
The design is the exciting part because you get to see how your site will look. But don’t rush to this step! It only goes smoothly once the hard work of the planning and content stages have come together to inform it. Your web site can’t be only about looks: it needs to be designed for an optimal visitor experience. Information must be displayed for easy viewing. Navigation must be obvious for new visitors who want to better understand your products or services. PROGRAMMING - During this time, our developers translate your page approved designs into HTML/CSS/ASP (and other coding based on your site’s needs), building in the functionality that makes your site work. During development, we’ll create a private version of your site so you can view its progress.