Search Engine Optimization


Our firm facilitates key ongoing relationships with media outlets on behalf of your company to increase awareness and create impact to your target audience. Our experience with integrating technology to the practice of external communications enables your firm to expand its reach, establish credibility, and target even more specialized audiences. To further meet your needs, our crisis communications team is always available.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just a service added on at the end of web development. We start implementing SEO into your brand’s web presence from the very beginning. Rather, SEO is integral to entire strategic process. We research your business, your industry, your products and demographics to gain a solid understanding of your competitors and where your business should be placed. We also take the time to examine your specific needs – do you need more local traffic? Local SEO varies in budget and implementation from other broader types of SEO. Every business has a different need. We harvest resourceful data for developing good, useful keywords to help your potential audience find YOU.

PS - It’s always nice to be #1!