Strategic Analysis


Do you know if you’re spending your communications budget on the right things?
Do you keep experimenting with different marketing efforts because you’re not sure what works?
Are you unclear about how to get results from your inbound marketing tactics?
STRATEGIC ANALYSIS & PLANNING from Enlil Communicatiosn will:
Understand your business goals
Audit your current strategies and tactics
Recommend your communications strategy

An integrated strategic marketing plan supports and communicates your company’s brand to the marketplace. Every marketing touch point can either build upon or detract from your core brand message. That’s why it’s so crucial that your marketing communications are clear when they reach your prospects and customers. Our knowledge of corporate culture and business strategies guides your business through its planning, development, growth, and assessment stages. From formulating your firm’s key vision, values and strategies to developing new products and creating effective communication plans, our goal is to help your business succeed. Our innovative approach to the integration of marketing and technology has garnered increased results for all of our clients. “Just” developing a website or “just” placing a print ad will not gain the best results; instead, our clients get more. Our years of experience in multimedia & graphic design, marketing, and technology establishes a unique approach to your firm’s needs. All companies have a finite amount of time and money to put toward marketing. A clear marketing strategy will help you outline what you are going to do, as well as what you’re NOT going to do with your resources. We will create a custom plan aimed at increasing your business. Some businesses already have departments for marketing, social media and web development. For these businesses, we spend the time to ensure new measures and training can help increase your ROI and decrease cost.

Our Strategic Analysis & Plan occurs within three key stages: Research, Analytics, and Planning. In the research stage, we get to know your business – what has already been developed, your goals and your brand’s needs. After the research stage, we conduct a full analysis, both quantitative and quality, of your actual current communications, looking for strengths and weaknesses. In the final stage, we develop a plan structured for developing and expanding your brand with an eye towards training, implementation and ROI.